Welcome to the Ontario Association of Home Inspectors
Home inspections began as a consumer service in the early 1970's in direct response to the growing demand by home buyers. It soon became apparent that selecting a Home Inspector was becoming as important as finding the right home. To meet this need, the Canadian Association of Home & Property Inspectors (CAHPI) (new modified name) was formed in 1982; this is the national Association that all provincial organizations are members of. Nationally, the home inspection profession is growing rapidly, and CAHPI now has provincial organizations across Canada. All of these organizations are part of a national initiative with government agencies to maintain national standards for the home inspection profession.

The OAHI is the CAHPI member in Ontario and was formed in 1987. On December 9th, 1994, the OAHI became a self-regulating professional body when the Ontario Association of Home Inspectors Act received royal assent , granting the OAHI the exclusive right to define qualification requirements, regulate its members and grant the designation "Registered Home Inspector" and "RHI" to qualified practitioners in the Province of Ontario.

The OAHI is dedicated to enhancing the technical skills and professional practice of home inspectors, and maintaining high professional standards through education and discipline.
About the OAHI
The Ontario Association of Home Inspectors Act, 1994 was created by Royal Assent on December 9, 1994 in the Ontario Legislature.
The Ontario Association of Home Inspectors (OAHI) operates as a Not-For-Profit.

•The Ontario Association of Home Inspectors is dedicated to enhancing the technical skills and professional practice of Home Inspectors, and maintaining high professional standards through education and discipline.
•To promote public awareness of the advantages of a home inspection.
•To promote excellence within the profession by following the OAHI Standards of Practice which provides inspection guidelines, and the OAHI Code of Conduct which defines the member's responsibility to act in a strictly fair, impartial, and professional manner.
•To interact with other related professional bodies, representing practitioners in real estate, technology, the legal community, and government bodies.
•The OAHI is committed to continue with its efforts to gain and maintain recognition within the professional community on behalf of all its members. Through hard work and the dedication of many volunteers, the OAHI, in a just a few short years, has established itself as the undisputed voice for Home Inspectors in Ontario.
•Through your membership you have the opportunity to work together with and facilitate the efforts of other OAHI members and related organizations in promoting the benefits of professional home inspectors.
•OAHI is your voice to certain levels of government, and all other related industries such as real estate, banks, legal professions, relocators, etc., for accomplishing mutual goals.
•Consumers are entitled to the best, and the best you can give them is the backing of a professional Association. This will create confidence in your business.
•OAHI membership is your "passport" to networking with other professional Home Inspectors and industry related professionals, as well as seminars and workshops for personal and professional upgrading along with new trends in business which are ongoing throughout the year at all the meetings.
•OAHI representatives are currently working effectively with other national organizations on a national initiative that CMHC has launched, which will secure and greatly increase opportunities for OAHI Inspectors.
•OAHI has developed strong educational programs, in cooperation with community colleges, that offer comprehensive training courses in this profession. When you have completed the requirements, you will have an instant market that accepts these qualifications.
•RHI and Associate members of the OAHI may make reference to the OAHI on company letterhead, advertising and other promotional publications to help you grow and prosper in your business, (subject to the restrictions of each category as outlined in your 'Membership Information and Requirements' and in the 'Bylaws of the OAHI'. Only those 'Applicant Members' who have had their reports verified and passed the CAHPI exam may also make reference to the OAHI and use the OAHI logo. Members are encouraged to attend our education programs and seminars to keep up to date with new technologies, procedures and tools of the trade.