Oakdene Hollins is a consultancy and research business that advises on sustainable products and services, resource efficiency and clean technologies.  We offer strategic advice to businesses, governments and their agencies, backed by sound data analysis.

Much of our work requires problem-solving abilities and a confidence to identify insights that can be presented to busy managers.  Our customers look to us for innovation and thought leadership, but also for sound and evidenced advice.  This can involve:
• putting sustainability and resource efficiency at the heart of business operations
• researching and designing interventions throughout the product life cycle from raw material supply and product manufacture to use and end-of-first-life strategies
• enabling successful product and service innovation.

The company has developed substantial global expertise in resource management and economics.  We have a growing involvement in business models that enable a more circular economy and we operate Europe’s only centre that focuses on both remanufacturing and reuse (see www.remanufacturing.org.uk).  We aim to contribute to sustainable development not only through our advice and research, but also in the way we conduct our own business.  We seek substantial improvements in resource- and carbon-intensity that mean a long term transformation in the ways in which we work.
For more information about Oakdene Hollins please visit www.oakdenehollins.co.uk