Oak Tree Delray offers gender specific transitional sober living. Our staff assists each client in creating the new changes that are necessary to sustain long term recovery once they move forward from our homes. You have a real choice to make for your transitional housing that many times determines the foundation of your recovery. Oak Tree Delray offers the solid structure and security necessary so you can enjoy your new found freedom. Delray Beach, FL has become one of the nation's leading recovery havens. With over 600 twelve-step meetings per week in the area, coupled with a multitude of recovery-friendly businesses and activities - Delray Beach continues to flourish with assisting persons in their early recovery from drugs and alcohol. Many of the people who come to Delray to establish their recovery decide to stay in the area as this is the ideal foundation to grow thereafter. Many people see that there are multitude of choices for housing after treatment, however there was and is still a great need for additional good homes. So many in the housing arena were getting away from the recovery aspect of things and more about the financial. Oak Tree was established on the foundation of the twelve steps of Alcoholics Anonymous. We have found that through taking the twelve steps from a sponsor and incorporating the principles in to our daily living - life gets better. And by paralleling the steps with structure in the living environment, people are better able to move forward in their lives with out worry of the unknown. Click here to go to our website.