Many of those who make their first steps in forex trading usually search for customer feedback before going with a certain forex broker. Evaluating a broker through customer feedback, including various review on the Internet, is a major factor to consider, though a rather biased one. Basically, that’s the reason why customer feedback is only one of those 20 criteria (licenses, expertise, offices, trading conditions, and so much more) used by Masterforex-V Expo to create various ratings of FX brokers.

Market Leader and Masterforex-V Academy experts have conducted research to find out the brokers with the biggest amount of positive and negative comments from their clients – international traders and investors. The research results look fairly interesting.

NordFX, Fort Financial Services and TeleTrade are the leaders in positive feedback

The chart below shows that NordFX, Fort Financial Services and TeleTrade can boast the biggest amount of positive comments on the Internet.

What do their clients pay attention to?

NordFX leads the rating in terms of positive comments on the quality of dealing, both from beginners and professional traders and investors. Actually, this is one of the few forex brokers with spotless reputation. Since being founded over 8 years ago, NordFX has had zero complaints about the quality of service. Not only did NordFX survive the Swiss Franc crash in 2015, and the Brexit that was followed by a British Pound downtrend, the broker paid everyone who had managed to make money on this extraordinary volatility. The traders value tight spreads, favorable swaps, fast quoting even during major news releases, as well as the ability to enter and exit the market at any time (no client of NordFX has ever seen the “trade flow is busy” message), no slippage or non-market quotes (like spikes, for example), fast and commission-free withdrawal (often times, even faster than expected).

According to Andrey Tsvik, he hasn’t had to contact NordFX’s support team with a complaint ever since he became an NordFX client many years ago. He says that this is the only forex broker of that kind he has ever worked with.

Another user nicknamed DimonORLOV fully trusts NordFX by saying that NordFX is one of the best forex brokers to date. He has several trading accounts with NordFX connected through Masterforex-V Academy’s auto-copying and rebate systems. Over the last 2 years, he hasn’t encountered any problems with either Masterforex-V Academy or NordFX. At this point, the amount withdrawn has exceeded the amount invested. The broker has never tried to play any dirty tricks on him.

The same holds true for the instant withdrawal of funds and really low fees.

It’s also important to mention the highly positive feedback on the exceptional professionalism and quality of service by NordFX’s support and software maintenance team.

In particular, international traders value both the personnel’s high level of professionalism and the fast speed of processing requests and verifying new users. For example, one of the traders says that NordFX is one of the very few brokers out there who have gained a purely positive image in his mind. Since opening a live account with NordFX 12 months ago, he has been enjoying really fast execution of his orders, with no connection breaks or notifications like “the trade flow is busy” and no fake quoting. And the withdrawal of funds has been instantaneous, which is also a very important factor for any trader. That’s why he thinks NordFX is really great.

Even skeptics have nothing to complain about when it comes to NordFX. For example, one of such comments reads:
“My comment, as always, is neutral by nature but since it’s either plus or minus in this voting, I’m gonna give it a plus”.

Fort Financial Services, the forex broker leading the “cent accounts” segment of the industry, comes second with 148 positive comments. The strongest positive sides of the broker are fast and guaranteed withdrawal of funds, CFD and forex trading on the same account, decent and fast support, and so much more.

Apparently, one of the key events for the forex market took place in 2016. We are talking about the Brexit referendum in the UK. This event turned out to be some kind of a test for forex brokers. As for Fort Financial Services, the test proved the high quality of the broker’s technical equipment. International traders reported stable connection to the company’s servers during that period as they were able to open and close GBP-related trades without any problem.  

They call FortFS the leading forex broker in the segment of cent accounts. Here is one of such comments:
“I would definitely recommend FortFS to anyone with under $1500 to deposit. Such traders are recommended to open cent accounts in order to manage their funds wisely a