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Bangalore, India  June, 03, 2015 – Online travel business rank traveler comfortness, safety and security is very important as well as savings the more money,  a recent survey conducted by OasisBus.com.

Now online travel businesses that place value or prominence and reducing risks for travellers. step-by-step guides given by the OasisBus comfort online bus ticketing portal. At the starting point of running e-commerce business is given and taken the policy of,

-> Safe and Secure
-> How to involve the right people
-> What offering to customers
-> How to communicate to customers - and more.
-> How to conduct audits to keep the program alive and relevant.
-> and Case studies How other online companies have applied the concepts to actual situations.

“Sometime everyone got some experience or face a degree of risk, typically on an emotional or personal level"— particularly when traveling to an familiar or unfamiliar place, where people speak same or another languages said online travel manger from oasisbus.com, Now all number of businesses start to realize that they can lessen or avoid legal and financial consequences for employee risks during a business trips.

Survey Conducted in March of 2015, the survey of 1000 travellers also finds that traveler safety, secures, ahead of efficiency, traveler satisfaction, and environmental and social impact causes.

The top three benefits to Book the Bus Tickets in oasisbus.com, The research finds, Efficiency of Online Bus Booking Portal:

1) OasisBus has tied up with multiple (more than 3000+) bus operators.
2) Oasis Bus provides its customers a choice to choose bus operators, depend schedule & facilities.
3) Across India this bus operators will connect 90000+ routes.

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“OasisBus is the FUTURE of the Traveller's Choice...with a single click....", with endeavors to reach all remote places across India.,” said Founder and COO Albert. OasisBus is right solutions needed to keep business travelers safe and secure.

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About OasisBus Booking Portal,

The team was able to aggregate the largest number of travel operators across India with almost an additional 1000 operators more than the next biggest player. Currently, Oasisbus is the largest bus aggregator in the whole of India with a fleet of more than 3000+ travel operators. For more information, visit www.oasisbus.com.

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