Oban Multilingual is a world leader in multilingual search engine optimisation and marketing. Through teams of SEO/SEM experts based in over 26 countries across the world we are able to offer clients local solutions to global SEO/SEM campaigns ensuring that the most effective search strategy is developed for each market. By working in this way for nearly 10 years, Oban has a unique and critical understanding of local search vocabulary, behaviours, trends and engines in over 26 different markets.

Oban’s core strength lies in its unique ability to be able to produce multilingual SEM services of the highest quality, with each campaign being produced locally by our local production teams. Oban does not translate campaigns but creates them from scratch based on the local search opportunity and environment surrounding our client’s services and offerings. This allows us to give clients access to 100% of the search opportunity that is available to them in each and every market they target.

In addition, each of our clients’ campaigns is international and is typically in at least 5 different languages, meaning that our experience and expertise is totally focused on delivering international campaigns which makes Oban unique.