Operation Boot Camp, a Mecklenburg County Parks and Recreation partner, combines coed outdoor workouts, a nutrition regimen and constant accountability in order to challenge--and surpass--the boundaries of every boot camper’s comfort zone all while having fun. The results are life-changing: a fit, toned body, increased self-confidence, and improved strength and endurance. Operation Boot Camp does this while catering to people of all starting fitness levels, from elite athletes to those that have not exercised in years.  

About Operation Boot Camp
Since 2000, Operation Boot Camp has been helping thousands of Atlantans get in shape and adopt a healthy lifestyle and has since expanded to Alabama, Oklahoma, Tennessee, California, Florida, Maryland, and the Carolinas. In 2006, Operation Boot Camp became the largest boot camp program of its kind in the country. Operation Boot Camp allows consumers across the country to exceed their personal fitness goals within the supportive and respectful environment created within each of the boot camps. This intense 30-day program delivers quick "boot camp" results, and people of all fitness levels are accommodated. The instructor team is focused on helping people build positive attitudes, break through mental barriers, and create new healthy habits. For more information visit www.operationbootcamp.com