Objective Capital is a dedicated corporate research firm providing institutional-quality research on under-followed small and mid cap companies.
Unlike other providers, we focus entirely on providing widely distributed research coverage of our sponsored companies. Our programme of high quality, objective corporate research allows quoted companies to ensure that there is always an informed market in their stock.

Our quality, objective research makes us a credible source

Following the respected approach of the credit rating agencies such as Standard & Poor's our research is sponsored by the companies we write about, but always prepared on behalf of our readers.

Our high standards of objectivity, the quality of our analysts and our sophisticated in-depth analysis ensure our research is a credible resource that investors can rely on for ongoing insight into our enrolled companies.

Our wide distribition reaches the whole market

Unlike traditional brokerage firms that limit their research distribution to their commission paying clients, our research is widely distributed free-of-charge to all leading institutions, brokerage houses and high net worth individuals. Our operations are similar to the research departments of the leading investment banks, except we do not have the conflicts of any brokerage or investment banking operations.

We have the expertise to cover any company

Our team are experts in investment research with expertise across the full range of sectors including financial services, biotechnology, technology and energy. Research reports are issued after approximately 6-8 weeks of intensive company and industry analysis including in-depth discussions with management and site visits.

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