ObjectiveMarketer offers Campaign Management and Analytics for Social Media Marketing across multiple Social Media Channels like Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.

The product brings rationality to the communication in Social Media channels, featuring four distinct capabilities Learn, Listen, Measure & Communicate.

Listen: Users are speaking a lot on social channels such as twitter and facebook. Marketer needs to do more than just be on the platform. They need to listen... ObjectiveMarketer structures the user interaction by managing -
-     Questions about company’s products
-     Company and competition news
-     User responses

Learn: Social Channels are large unmined data related to product`s brand and user demography. ObjectiveMarketer mines the data and “learns” hidden sentiments across multiple channels, including info about:
-     User segments, relevance, demographic & behavior for company & competition
-     Positive & Negative growth of users, change in sentiments after a communication
-     Buzz metrics & longevity across multiple social channels

-     Goal setting with Individual/ aggregated performance
-     Comparative analytics for different channels to guide investments.
-     Buzz about company, competition & industry
-     User activity & their viral effects
-     Topic clouds that influence/detract company’s positioning

With wrong social media strategy companies had false starts & could not leverage the benefits. With ObjectiveMarketer, the listen channel can be integrated with the communication. It will align the marketing effort tightly with the user activity.

ObjectiveMarketer offers “one-stop” solution for all social media marketing needs like user segments, targeted campaigns, aggregate metrics across channels, in an "easy-to-use", "out-of-box" solution.