OC Advertising Solutions is an in-person promotional firm that delivers non-profit brand management results for a wide range of charitable clients. By utilizing a personal approach to donor acquisition, we provide face-to-face marketing tactics that, time and time again, prove more effective than the classic
methods of indirect fundraising. Through the effective performance of our team, in-person promotions occurring in each community generate exceptional results that consistently impress our clients. This method allows us to connect non-profit organizations directly with donors to garner support from the
public at large and build lasting relationships.

We take each client’s goal and physically present the cause to the perfect audience with innovative and energized campaigns. Through our career advancement program, brand representatives are taught the skills and instilled with the passion necessary to present each client’s mission as if it were
their own. Because of this training program, we drive a faster and more effective rate of return for our clients than traditional forms of fundraising.