The explosive demand of IT operational data and change in organizations core businesses towards cloud are the major factors in the IT operation analytics market creating scope in the forecast period. Moreover, increasing cloud adoption in various sector are also influencing the demand in agriculture sector as it is fast and safe mode of transmitting data from one place to another. The U.S. based organizations are planning expenditure of $1.77 million for cloud in 2017 as compared to $1.30 million for non U.S. based organizations which directly enhance the demand of  IT operation analytics market.
"Asia Pacific is the fastest-growing region in geographical segmentation of the ITOA market"
In Asia Pacific, India is expected to grow in the forecast period due to increasing demand of data center in multiple folds. Data center used by organizations for storage of large amount of data. It is currently valuing approximately at $2.2 billion and is expected to reach approximately $4.5 billion in 2018. Organizations dependence on data for business decision pools and the demand for data centre which ultimately rise the IT operation analytics market. North America, Europe and Row also emerges as new region for the driving demand of IT operation analytics market.
Vertical segment dominates the market as media and entertainment is the fastest growing sub segment of IT.  Adoption of new technology such as cloud computing and infrastructure are the main reason for development of IT operation analytics market in this segment. Vertical segment is followed by application segment includes real time log analytics as enhancing the IT technology innovation.
Increase in demand of data center
Data centre is a large group of composed computer server networks mainly used by organizations for processing, storage and distribution of large data. Due to increasing storage capacity, continuous rise of data usage and government focus on digitization, demand for data centers has increased across the globe. In India, government is taking initiative projects such as Digital India, Make in India, Smart Cities and the other growth-related projects among verticals such as manufacturing, IT, e-commerce & retail and emerging verticals like, healthcare, education, communications & media and hospitality .
Data center modernization is important for infrastructure advancement in India. Automation and innovation are becoming priorities for India, and will also lead to an increased spending’s on infrastructure. This helps to increase the demand for IT operation analytics market in particularly data centre market.
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