I am an individual and am here to promote my plugin that I created for Maya that I have named as Oceansplash.
I have about 2 years of teaching experience in 3DS MAX and about 6 years of teaching experience in Maya. I have framed curriculum from short term courses to a full 6 semesters of 3D syllabus for BFA in Animation for a university too.
I am an artist by birth. I remember, I used to admire nature as a child and draw on a page of my school note book. My classmates used to fight each other for their turn of collecting my latest drawing. That was when I was in 4th to 8th standard in Doha Qatar. I have passion both in computer programming as well as Animation.
I was into computer programming in Oman and have developed several accounts programs for a company in Muscat Oman, before starting with Animation in India.

Oceansplash is the best of both of my passion, that are programming and Animation.

My qualifications are: MBA, GDM, BCA and DCHT