My awakening really intensified in 2015 when I learned about Ashtar and the Galactic Federation, the Annunaki, the Polarity Experiment, Ascension, what’s happening on Earth right now and so much more. Lightworker Lifestyle was born out of my desire to create products that uplift and motivate Lightworkers to step into their own power and step out of the spiritual closet because we need all hands on deck during this transition. Lightworkers around the world are awakening from the long slumber of amnesia and are no longer content with the status quo. It’s time to remember Who You Really Are. My mission is to engage, educate and empower all people to own and accept who they are as Beings of Light and aspects of the Divine. I have accepted my mission to do all I can to help manifest New Earth and the glorious Golden Age we have all been waiting for. I live in Sacramento, CA and am really excited to be so close to sacred and beautiful Mt. Shasta and Telos.