Odoro is the leading provider of Rules Based Self Service Scheduling for Doctors and Clinics, and the only company which provides these advanced solutions, scheduling 10 millions appointments annually for thousands of doctors and millions of patients for the last decade. Our rule-based technology - SchedLogicâ„¢ allows each practitioner to ask the patient any set of questions, during the scheduling process, and in accordance define any rules and conditions as to what appointment slots would be given to that specific patient. Patient then being presented with instructions, if needed, and the appointment is synced in real time both to the patient and the practitioner calendars. Seamless sync modules are available for most EMR/PM. Odoro technology enables patients to self-serve their appointments from any device, online or offline, anytime, using either: web, mobile, IVR, or call-center. And as such is the only technology that can address everyone from millennials to elderly users, ensure the lowest operational cost, with the a highest cost/benefit ratio. Practitioner efficiency and patient engagement rise when Odoro is used in medical practices.