Your LSAT Strategist’s knowledge, attitude, and work ethic will inspire you to be your best! We go above and beyond for our students because we know how big of a moment this is for you. Our LSAT Strategists are highly trained, highly specialized, and highly successful teachers who have what it takes to elevate your score.

We don’t lecture a standardized curriculum in front of LSAT classes and occasionally moonlight as private LSAT tutors.

Every LSAT Strategist is highly trained to give you the personalized and custom study experience that you expect from one-on-one tutoring. It’s all we do!

We didn’t just score well on the LSAT and decide that qualifies us to teach it. (Although we did score a 170+).

A great LSAT tutor is so much more than a score. We have a passion for connecting with our students, experience teaching the most effective methodologies, and communication skills that will impress you. Our years of experience and finely honed tutoring skills are our real strengths, the LSAT score is just a bonus!