I have been a spiritual adventurer and the “experience collector,” as I call myself for years. I love to participate in the variety of spiritual events and ceremonies and remain open to always increase my connection with the truths hidden beyond the ordinary perception. I love anything to do with the New Age beliefs, the UFO phenomena, Magic, and I always want to know more about the cosmic truths, our pre-ancient extraterrestrial history and origin, and I'm anxiously awaiting the cosmic future, so destined for us to undertake.

I recently published the book which is the summary of my 10 years of spiritual research: "Odyssey of An Airhead; Ultimate Truth, Here I Come!." It talks a lot about spiritual theories, UFO organizations such as the Raelians and the Aetherius Society, as well many other philosophical and metaphysical topics, all interwoven in the personal story of my life.Taken from the back cover:

"The book is written as a journal by a naive Catholic girl as she is thrown into the world, where she discovers herself in the spiritual maze of beliefs and concepts. She goes through life as it presents her with new experiences and she makes her way through them in the incessant longing to know and understand more.

She doesn't offer dry facts of what she discovers and believes, she doesn't attempt to tell the readers what the truth is, or what reality is all about. She innocently and eagerly asks questions, but not necessarily always gives the answers. She is not anyone's teacher, but through her personal odyssey, spanning a period of about eight years, she compels the casual reader to think just a little less casually. The embracement of all human encounters, philosophies, and ways of living remains her key to the higher understanding of the experience of life.

Although perceived as an "airhead" by some, she enthusiastically takes us through simple, but large, ideas; the religious and spiritual concepts the humanity developed to explain the inexplicable. Through her philosophical and esoteric growth the reader feels accompanied on their own inner search.

Being a part of life's journey toward the Absolute, and going at the same time through the ordinary human experience full of pain and emotions qualifies anyone to talk about what unfolds along their way. This time, the journey is hers, and she invites everyone to join"

I invite all of you to step on to the journey! The universe and your mind is for all of us to treasure, explore and enjoy! :)

May the Force be with you! :)