Open Education Global is an open education steward within the education ecosystem.

We believe in empowerment through education, and envision a world where everyone, everywhere has access to the high-quality education and training they desire; where education is seen as an essential, shared, and collaborative social good.

OEGlobal’s primary role is as a connector. We foster knowledge exchange, advance sustainable systemic change and open policies, amplify impact, and connect local open education efforts to global ones.

We maximize opportunities for expanding open education by collaborating with partners on priorities that include equitable policies and practices, increasing affordability, equipping learners to be leaders and advocates, supporting communities of practice for educators, fostering collaboration, elevating lifelong learning, and “opening” new learning spaces.

To promote empowerment through open education, OEGlobal's initiatives focus on three specific areas: field building, knowledge exchange, and value co-creation.

OE Global's member's interests and needs are broad and diverse. Open education has a long history, particularly around providing education opportunities to those who may not typically have access. OE Global continues and builds on that tradition with a focus on new forms of open education enabled by digital technology, the Internet, and cultures of sharing.

Just a few of the areas of focus for OE Global and its members are:
• Open Educational Resources (OER)
• Open Access (OA)
• Open Data
• Open Science
• Open Education Technology
• Open Practices