OEM Mobile, Inc., based in Dallas, TX, is excited to announce the pending release of the revolutionary smartphone app $martDeals. OEM Mobile (www.oemmobile.com or www.facebook.com/oemmobileinc) develops and markets innovative applications that improve upon popular sites currently available. Combining the patterns proven by deal-of-the-day giants GroupOn, SocialLiving and WOOT!, $martDeals originally and uniquely allows consumer customization while giving distributors back-end user ease.

No longer will customers have to receive 100 irrelevant and unwanted e-mails to get the one offer they have interest in and, similarly, no longer will distributors be frustrated by preferential treatment to larger groups. Consumers will also be able to select the frequency in which they receive offers from the categories they personally select, but watch out– too infrequently and they might miss the Black Box, an unknown item of limited quantity offered for only a dollar.

OEM Mobile will contract with distributors to receive a minute percentage of each sale and will use their marketing budget to acquire Black Box items. Unlike the aforementioned companies (recall that GroupOn was recently bought for $2.1 billion by Google and WOOT! for $110 million by Amazon.com), $martDeals is purely a mobile phone app, with the ease of one-touch purchasing through stored customer information whose purchase is secured by qualified distributors/sellers on the other end.

Due to the stream-lined distribution method, the fees OES Mobile collects from distributors using $martDeals is a fraction of similar internet-based sites. As such the major distributors will gravitate towards this more profitable option while, due to the back-end being controlled by the individual distributors, $martDeals will receive the lion’s share of the smaller distributors as they will have equal opportunities to move their products. This means more boutique items being offered.

Using the customer-oriented one-time setup, consumers will select the categories they have an interest in. This means every time an offer is presented, it is for a category of product the customer has already confirmed they have an interest in – or the Black Box. Currently available models rely on the subject heading of an e-mail to catch the attention of potential buyers – if the title doesn’t entice them to open the e-mail and see all the offers, all the other distributors’ marketing dollars attached to that e-mail are trashed at once.

OEM Mobile is currently in the final stages of app development on $martDeals and is acquiring users via giveaways at certain app download benchmarks - including tablets, trips, watercraft and a car.

Along with $martDeals, OES Mobile is in development with $martScan, a mobile coupon delivery application that uses geo-locating to assist distributors to zero-in on their customers while reducing coupon spamming and advertising expenses and giving consumers immediate paperless access to savings every single time they shop. This will allow distributors with secondary market shares to compete with the top shareholders at minimal expense.

OES Mobile, Inc. was founded by Sr. Business Systems Analyst/Project Manager Robert Whitehead and Attorney/Entrepreneur Ray Hosack, both of whom live in North Dallas.