OfferByU.com is a commission free online open marketplace. Our online e-commerce platform for sellers and buyers is a perfect selling point for small and mid size businesses. You can fully run your online store on our website, and the best part is that you will never pay a commission on sales. It is right we do not charge any percentage commission or referral on items sold.  

Our online market place offers many unique and powerful tool for business to perform successful merchant transactions.
Our system is very easy to use - anyone can open an online store with us in minutes and start selling online right away.

Offerbyu.com is for everyone! If you have something to sell then you can list your items with us. We even have free listing packages for beginners.

- No hidden fees and no surprises.
- Pay No commission on sale
- Open communication between buyers and sellers
- Payments go directly into your PayPal account

Our Advantage.
Over many years of designing and developing different systems online we gained an extensive knowledge and experience and were able use all that to come up with very unique features which you will not be able to find anywhere else. One of our top priorities is to give our users the most control over their listings. Our unique tools give you just that – they put you in to the driver sit when it comes to your online postings. You control where and when your listing will be seen.