The Crannies formerly known as Office Crannies, a privately held company is headquartered in Orange County, CA. They started as a regional supplier to companies in the greater Los Angeles area and have expanded their model nationally, supplying warehouse and office efficiency items to small businesses. Helping small businesses, home based, garage style businesses be more efficient with their time and resources.

The Crannies, a small business themselves understand the needs of the often-overlooked start-up entrepreneur market and other small businesses. The Crannies has partnered with key suppliers and primarily focuses on low cost air cushion machines that make void fill and bubble on demand - to protect your items during shipping, https://www.thecrannies.com/collections/warehouse-and-shipping-supplies-cheap. They also sell other warehouse and office efficiency product like mobile standing desks, shipping scales, poly bags bubble mailer envelopes, mini power banks, and have expanded their product lines to include urban survival gear, bug out gear and have a prepper store. For more information call 657-355-9995, email them at: bryan@officecrannies.com or see them at www.thecrannies.com.