OfficeRecovery provides data recovery software and solutions for corrupted files.

More than 40 products offered by OfficeRecovery help businesses and individuals to regain data accessibility and integrity after the event of data corruption.

Since 1998, OfficeRecovery has provided millions of users their chance to bring data back from beyond the critical failure point

OfficeRecovery expertise is handling worst-case scenarios of file data corruption. Such situations are typically characterized by at least one of the following symptoms:

   * Original application refuses to open the file and/or malfunctions while trying to open it;
   * Corruption of data stored on 'fault-tolerant' media, such as the consequences of multipe disk failure of RAID storages;
   * No backup copy of corrupted data is available, the corrupted file is all that is left;
   * The backup copy and/or storage is corrupted;
   * No repair tools are provided by the original application vendor;
   * Repair tools provided by the original application vendor fail or perform poorly.

OfficeRecovery products are designed to solve the most difficult data corruption situations. Corrupted files are taken apart bit by bit, and recoverable data is reconstructed.