Orbi First offers top 3PL solutions based on three main components: storage & warehousing, order fulfilment, post-purchase satisfaction.

Storage & Warehousing:

Thanks to its highly innovative approach, Orbi First offers effective and low cost storage & warehousing solutions (multichannel plan) or even a Free storage & warehousing solution (Free plan). No matter the plan chosen: Orbi First will lower your expenses while making the fulfillment of your orders faster and more efficient.

- Order Fulfillment, Shipping & Delivery -

Order fulfillment:
Orbi First fulfills B2C and B2B orders directly from Canada. The order fulfillment lead time by Orbi First, is exceptionally fast: the pick => pack => scanning for shipping process, is usually completed within 45-90 min. Orbi First fulfillment works 24/7/365, no exception. Free order fulfillment is also offered in the Orbi First Free plan.

Shipping by Orbi First is totally Free if you get the Free plan, and also is if you get the mixed plan (if the order is sold via the Orbi First channel). Meanwhile, the multichannel prices are very competitive.

For more information about Orbi First, please visit: www.orbifirst.com