Ms. Myrna Padilla, founder of OFW Watch, knows something about being migrant worker and something about the Business Process Outsourcing Industry. She herself was a former domestic helper for over 20 years and was the Founder of the Mindanao Hong Kong Worker's Federation. She returned to the Philippines in 2006 to found a successful business process outsourcing company called Mynd Consulting. She points to her involvement in the BPO industry as a source of inspiration. She notes that the real long term solution is the creation of meaningful employment for the Filipino here in the Philippines. She points with pride to the IT-BPO industry, noting that together the industry has created over 600,000 direct jobs. To her that means 600,000 families that will not be ripped apart, but instead kept intact here in the Philippines. That she notes  is the real long term solution to the problem.