Oil Spill Response Limited is an industry owned co-operative which exists to respond effectively to oil spills wherever in the world they occur. Our membership consists of over a hundred environmentally responsible corporations whose activities account for over 60% of the global oil production. Besides oil majors, national / independent oil companies, we also see more of other energy-related companies in the oil supply chain enlisting as our Members.

Backed with a distinguished track record of attending more than 300 spill incidents for the past 25 years, we undertake preparedness services through provision of specialist personnel, equipment hire and maintenance and training from the UK, Singapore and Bahrain bases.

Our personnel are professionals in their field, highly experienced and qualified in key disciplines required for advising and supporting clients in oil spill prevention, response and mitigating the consequences of oil spills.

By engaging Oil Spill Response to undertake all of your readiness requirements, member enjoys the benefit of having a seamless preparedness and response capability.