The Oklahoma Cannabis Expo is the most exclusive and inclusive Hemp, CBD, and Medical Marijuana Expo in America. Priceless for patients. Inner circle industry exposure for professionals. Education for all.

Certification and compliance courses, culinary experiences, Networking Lounge, B2B and B2C events, athletic competitions, funding competitions, Job Fair, Wedding Marketplace, 40,000 sq ft Trade Floor area, celebrity speakers, professional athlete panels, patients' forums, veterans programs, Pets & CBD classes, Artist showcase and competition, Author Meet & Greets, Grant Writing classes, wellness classes, seminars, interactive components, prizes, promotions, giveaways, cross marketing promotion opportunities, affiliate programs, referral programs and more.

The highest quality speakers, presenters, sponsors and exhibitors giving you the secrets to success and the access to networks that will elevate your brand and open doors of opportunity for those in the industry or looking to join! Accurate, knowledgeable information by experts in wellness for patients. B2B perspectives and successful network facilitation. Veterans' programs and forums.

Brought to you by: Millennium Grown, Paynetworx, Acreage Holdings, Oklahoma Natural Grass, Hobbs Insurance, Comply, Herring Bank, Greener Grass Nutrition, SLANG Worldwide, Organa Brands, Canna Yama Kula, Frank's Trailers, Urban Wellness, Patients' Other Treatment, incredibles, Hoban Law Group, Herbal Wellness Extracts, Veedverks, Flora's Mercantile, FOCL, Cannabis Literary Society, New West Summit, Power Plant Fitness, Cannabis Wedding Expo, Cultivated Spirits.

Special guests and speakers include: Superbowl Champion, Marvin Washington; NFL players Nick Moody & Kyle Turley; NHL player and Founder of Athletes for Care, Riley Cote; National Champion Rugby player, Anna Symonds; NBA star, Al Harrington; UFC Champion, Frank Shamrock; NCAA star, Treyous Jarrells; Hip Hop artist, Dre GainezZ; Dr. Sue Sisley; Dr. Regina Nelson, and more of the highest quality speakers, presenters, sponsors and exhibitors.

Industry VIPS include: Ashley Picillo, Mary Smith, Harris Damashek, Ricardo Baca, Alison Helsley, Sebastien Cotte, Bonita Money, Moriah Barnhart, Jeanine Moss, Danielle Espinel, Anne Marie Doyle, Wanda James, Chris Driessen, Dr. Tracy Ferrell, Chef Carla Boyd, Larisa Bolivar, Tony Gallo, Cynthia Salarizadeh, Leann Hemenway, Holly Hobbs, Bob Eschino, Senator Connie Johnson, Chef Scott Durrah, Jason Cranford, Jake Browne, Neal Levine, Kris Morwood, Stacey Linn, Michelle Wright, Ophelia Chong, Brian Quigley, Wendy Robbins, Karen Paull, Philip Wolf, Jim McAlpine, Chef Robyn Lawrence, Chef Joshua Jetton, Mara Gordon, Kristi Kelly, Kyle Jaeger, Justin Kander, Norma Sapp, Neal Levine, Diane Czarkowski, Julie Batkiewicz, Travis Lippert, Sean Kiernan, Bruce Dietzen, Diane Oliver, Krista Whitley, Carolyn Gerin & more.

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