There has been a concerted effort over the last two centuries to destroy the American Native culture. It is sad enough that the lifestyle of living in harmony with Mother Earth and Father Sky by living a nomadic existence in order to not destroy the plants and animals, but harvest them with respect and moderation has been taken away, but the blessings of American Native healing tradition have been suppressed and taken to the verge of extinction. This tradition uses plants and herbs along with ceremonies to heal body, mind and spirit and assist with the transitions of life that we all experience as opposed to chemicals that create dependency, and technical approaches that invade and disrespect our very being.

In essence, all of us involved in this effort have spent our lives learning, teaching, assisting and sacrificing in order to preserve and share these healing traditions. Some of us have done so consciously, but many have been prepared by a higher power through the things we have experienced to see and understand the wisdom and blessings of the American Native culture and what the whole world can receive from it if they only will.

Our world is in trouble. The culture of excess, extortion and willingness to destroy that which is eternal for that which is temporary is leading us to destruction, not only of our economy and ecology but our spiritual nature and growth. There is a better way – a truer way – a way of harmony, peace and building rather than destruction or management of damage.

All societies live with dichotomy and this struggle – whether to embrace light or darkness. The American  Native cultures have always been diverse and there have been many tribes. While it is true that many of them at times chose war and violence, most lived peacefully unless threatened or put under extreme stress by incursions from outside their tribe. Over millennia, tribes from all over this hemisphere have learned and passed down ways of healing, understanding and living harmoniously and productively with themselves and others. Our world needs the wisdom they have gained. Many Indigenous peoples do not want to share what they have learned because of the atrocities they have suffered at the hands of “civilized” people who have invaded, co-opted and destroyed the lands that sustained them. This is understandable. Here you will find those who wish to share and protect those understandings and natural medicines that can bless not only all the people of the world, but the world itself. We bring these things and offer them as a gift to all races and cultures in the hope that they can assist in healing our world and all our relations.

There are many who contribute to this effort, but there is one who is undeniably the person who has worked the hardest and sacrificed the most (along with his family) to bring these things forward and share them with all peoples. You can read the full story of James Warren (Flaming Eagle) Mooney here. In essence, as a young man he was lost and not even aware of his cultural heritage or his life mission. A series of events brought him to his culture and his destiny. Since being blessed and set apart by tribal leaders and medicine people from a number of tribes, he has spent his life working to bring these blessings to all cultures. In doing so, he has suffered incarceration, threats on his life and economic deprivation. He along with his family have paid a dear price for standing up and championing the effort to bless all people and offer these ceremonies and medicines to those who need them regardless of race, religion or culture. His wife is the Spirit and conscience of Oklevueha and is the only reason James has been able to continue in spite of the persecution and disruption they and their family have suffered through the years.

Together, they have surrounded themselves with people of like mind and heart with incredible talents and understandings. These people are working together, often as volunteers, to assist in the work of bringing these things forth and protecting those who choose this more peaceful, natural and non-destructive way of healing lives, families and relationships.

Throughout the world, people of like mind are establishing branches of the Oklevueha Native American Church. Each of these branches serve the people in their area by assisting them to have access to the plants, herbs and ceremonies they need to bless their lives. The specific sacraments and ceremonies offered in each branch are determined by the branch leaders depending on what is most needed. In the USA, these ceremonies and sacraments (plants & herbs) are protected by Constitutional Law from legal interference under the freedom of religion, even though many of those plants (peyote, cannabis, ayahuasca, etc.) have been controlled or made illegal to the general public by those who have desired the destruction of the indigenous culture and its blessings.