OTR4U.com came about as a recurring suggestion from customers who had bought Old Time Radio shows previously. They wanted a subscription-based website which would provide them with old time radio and old time movie entertainment. To further enrich the customer’s experience, it was decided to include related articles, stories, and historical facts about the entertainment industry. As such, OTR4U.com is not merely a website where customers go to listen to old time radio shows alone. It will be a website more geared to be an enriching entertainment center. This holistic approach is the main theme when designing this website.

There are various subscription plans for www.otr4u.com to accommodate the different needs of the subscribers. In addition to the monthly ($6.50/mth) and yearly ($60/yr) subscription rates, the customers is also able to access a trial period plan ($3.00 for 10 days) before making a decision.

As a subscriber of www.otr4u.com , the customer is able to access at least 8 new old time radio shows per day, 4 new old time movies per week, a “This Day In History” section per day, a short story (titled 55-Worder) section per day, an article on the old time entertainment industry per week, and other old time entertainment related nuggets.  The necessary shows will be uploaded on a daily basis.  Sunday will be the only day during the week when no new material will be loaded to the website.  It is important to emphasize that none of the shows on the website infringe any copyrighted material.

To further reinforce the enriching experience of the subscriber, the previous 6 days worth of shows are accessible at any time. This will ensure that the subscriber will be able to catch up on any shows which s/he might have missed previously.

The old time radio shows will include shows from all the different genres – comedy, western, science fiction, horror, children, variety, mystery/detective, history, and many others. This variety attempts to accommodate the different tastes of the subscribers. The old time radio shows will also be “fine-tuned” for different occasions. For eg, Christmas shows during the Christmas season.

As stated before, there will be 3 new old time movies per week. The new movie on Monday (Monday Classic) will be a Western, Film Noir, Action, Mystery, or Thriller. The 2 new movies on Wednesday (Wacky Wednesday) will be a comedy and a cartoon. The movie on Friday (Freaky Friday) will be a horror or a science fiction movie. The movies will run for 7 days each and will be replaced at the end of the week with new ones.
Both the old time radio shows and the old time movies will have the functionality to be viewed live (livestream) or be downloaded for later enjoyment on the computer or portable devices like MP3/MP4 Players. This functionality further accommodates the differences in the needs of the subscribers.

In addition to the old time radio shows and old time movies, the subscriber will also enjoy a “This Day In History” section. This will highlight a certain historical occurrence for that particular date. Further, the story section, called the 55-Worder, will highlight a story told in 55 words. The “This Day In History” section and the 55-Worder are done on a daily basis. The “News – This And That” section is an article done on a weekly basis and is launched on Mondays. These articles will explore the old time radio and old time movie genres.

As a further enrichment of the entertainment experience of the subscribers, there are old time radio scripts which are easily accessible by the subscribers for their pleasure.

OTR4U.com is owned and operated by Frank D, who is an old time radio and old time movie buff himself and is greatly passionate of keeping this portion of the entertainment history alive by creating and operating this website. The subscription fees are actually used to offset the operating and administrative costs of running the website.  Please do not hesitate to contact Frank if you have any questions.  Any suggestion, recommendation, and queries are always welcome and can be forwarded to customerservice@otr4u.com. Alternatively, contact can be made by mail. The mailing address is P.O. Box 391263, Omaha, NE 68139.