Whether you are managing a corporate organisation, a business unit or your own enterprise, the challenge of growing the business is ever present. There’s the endless requirement to deliver compelling products and services, the constant pressure to win new business, and the ongoing worry that your competitors do not steal your hard won customers.

Olieon can help. We specialise in helping you design and put in place a structured business development programme to help you realise your business growth objectives. We work with you to help you understand your market better, to find new revenue generating opportunities, and to gain an edge over your competitors.

Olieon does more than just consult. We roll up our sleeves, get into your organisation, and help put the recommendations into action.  Put simply, we’ll implement a range of relevant services required to get your business on the growth path – from defining strategy or market entry analysis, through to product development, sales planning and marketing campaign execution.

Olieon brings with it a strong pedigree. Past experience includes working for the likes of Calor Gas, DeHavilland, Saatchi & Saatchi, Brad, P&O, Glenigan and Wolters Kluwer. Its managing director, Patrick Angell has spent over 20 years leading commercial ventures in B2B markets spanning a variety of sectors including business information, construction, energy, export, hospitality and media.

Whether you need to:

•enter new markets
•capture competitor market share
•ramp up sales performance
•create and launch new products

Olieon will work with you on your business to help improve its performance.