"New Philosophy of Liposuction by VASER Lipo"

   Naravee is changing lives every day with a

"New Philosophy of Liposuction".

Rediscover your shape, don't despair anymore! Your perfect figure can be re-found. Naravee Is one of the only clinics using Hi def Vaser Lipo for removal of unwanted fat which causes implosion of the fat cells and breakdown of deep fats.

Here's the science bit: The fats are suctioned out of the body by a low negative pressure and using ultrasound waves.

Hi Def Vaser Lipo can be done on all body areas and is highly effective on the abdominal areas, love handles, arms, buttocks, thighs and back

For Woman, who wants to rediscover their pre-baby body shape and don that bikini again or for men who want 007 pecs and six packs.

Dr. Ronachai is changing the way men and women from all over the world feel about themselves and the benefits this new found confidence is bringing to their love lives and careers!.

(highly certified and experiences in Thailand with over 300 cases, he is the first and only who found and got trained VASER Hi-def in Thailand)


 "From Flab to ABS via More defined HD by VASER Hi-def" “Using the latest advanced body sculpturing HD”.


Naravee is the first in Thailand to found the right tools, techniques and skill to remove fat in all the right places. By using ultra sound waves tosculpture the body so that the contours are highly defined, dynamic and magnificently manly and feminine. It can be done on all body areas and can change your life with your new found confidence and shape.

The surgeon is trained to the highly certified and highly experienced in the VASER Lipo system.  Get the right Abs and get defined with Naravee!

“Find your inner beauty and body shape”