What if two underappreciated but brilliant caucasian college professors and one aspiring female colleague, stumble upon time travel by recreating a Nazi mechanical device called the Bell? Which can open the fabric of space and time to transport riders throughout a multiverse of possibilities?

What if the scientists quickly discover that when you manipulate the foundations of a structure as fragile as string theory you get entangled with alternate realities beyond your control? When this group stops on the timeline, they find themselves in the enslaved south where white people are the minority and black people are the dominant majority. In this distorted world, white privilege is punished in the exact way black pride was in their reality but in a totally inverted way. while African American values are preserved and promoted as “The Great American Way”. This book demonstrates how the birth of a nation kills the spirit of men, but survival is not an antiquated human experience, but a relatively core strand of human DNA.

What if the professors endure savage punishments, horrible conditions, failed runaways, an energy-depleted escape vehicle, and unspeakable evils? Will the strength of their character bulk up and stands tall or will they fall apart? Just like baseball, a curveball is a part of life that can defeat a person before they approach the plate, or define them when they swing for the fences. When the opportunity comes each will have to make their own decision.

In the end  we all either adhere to traditional standards or become heroes of our own story. The difference between oppressor and oppressed could be as simple as gunpowder being shared with the south from China and not the east. Humanity is left with one final warning from our travelers through time, beware of your treatment of others.