OMC Hydrogen is developing a scalable thermochemical platform that leverages domestically abundant materials to produce affordable green hydrogen and hydrocarbons using only sustainable sources of heat, water, and carbon dioxide.

OMC splits CO2 and water into syngas in a single step in a single reactor. Syngas derived from waste CO2 using renewable sources of heat and domestically abundant, low-cost materials can be upgraded into valuable hydrocarbons including methanol, diesel, and jet fuels, lubricants, and industrial chemicals.

OMC’s isothermal redox process offers substantial cost, performance, and scaling advantages over electrochemical or photochemical approaches. Their approach is designed to integrate and scale with existing industries such as fuels refining, ammonia production, and steelmaking.

We require no rare earth metals, cobalt, iridium, platinum, palladium, or new factories. The process can be scaled up to commercially relevant sizes using globally common materials and existing assets.