About Omega Red Group
Our customers made Omega Red Group the U.K. market leader in electrical earthing and lightning protection. They recognised that our commitment to high standards of service and safety meant that they could get on with their own job secure in the knowledge that we had done ours.

Electrical earthing and lightning protection systems are critical to our customers in the rail, tram, construction, power, telecommunications and water industries. Sometimes just a few people are affected by the consequences of inadequate systems for earthing and lightning protection, but at other times the effects are felt by thousands as electrical surges or breakdowns hit transport systems, power supplies or critical equipment.

Omega has a proven track record of earthing and lightning protection successes gained over many years through major projects including Heathrow Airport, the National Grid, the 2012 Olympic Games and Thameslink, to name but a few. At the other end of the scale, we also install and maintain lightning protection systems on individual commercial buildings, schools and residential care homes.

At any level, our approach to service, safety and value for money is second-to-none. Omega Red Group continues to be the U.K. market leader because customers large and small turn to us for the assurance of comprehensive, cost-effective earthing and lightning protection solutions.

Omega Red Group is the U.K. market leader in the specialist design, supply, installation, testing and maintenance of electrical earthing and lightning protection systems.

Our customers benefit from our truly nationwide coverage, facilitated by a network of operational branches strategically located in Edinburgh, Manchester, Nottingham, Bristol and London.

Our centrally-located service department is supported by more than thirty test engineers working throughout the United Kingdom.

Omega Red Group operates across all the major U.K. public and private sector markets including construction, telecommunications, rail, power generation and distribution, water, leisure, education and health. Our customers may take advantage of some, or all, of our comprehensive range of products and services according to their individual needs.

Today, Omega Red Group is more than three times the size of its largest competitor, and employs more than 220 people across the U.K. Our market-leading position gives us the technical, financial and operational resources to deliver a comprehensive, quality service for all your electrical earthing and lightning protection requirements regardless of project complexity, location or size; and our comprehensive testing and maintenance programmes will ensure that your earthing or lightning protection system remains in optimum working order, and compliant with all statutory obligations, for many years to come.

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Registered in England No 2197902. Registered Office: Dabell Avenue, Blenheim Industrial Estate, Bulwell, Nottingham, Nottinghamshire, NG6 8WA