Omilliair Enterprises LLC is your full service Publishing, Public Relations, and Production Company.  We are dedicated to providing professional, unparalleled service and solutions to your entertainment industry related issues. Our clients are furnished with such services as:

Public Relations            
Artist Management        
Show Bookings        
Radio exposure            
Legal services          
Tour Management          
Video production            
Retail Outlet                    
Product Management
Marketing & Distribution    
Logo Creations

Professionalism, confidentiality and respect are a few of the prominent qualities of Omilliair Enterprises LLC.  Our knowledgeable and trained staff members are ready to assist clients with all aspects and phases of the business functions of the Entertainment industry.  We serve as the clients’ mediator and liaison for all phases of the “business” component of the Entertainment industry.  By having us in your corner to deal with this responsibility, will provide you, our client, with the comforts of a stressless environment thus enabling you to place your focus where it rightfully belongs; on your artistic and creative vision.

In order to get to the end, we must first access and master the beginning of the process.  That is the function of Omilliair Enterprises LLC.  We are a multi-faceted organization which will handle all of your Entertainment industry needs.  For the most part, it takes the coming together of a great many people to facilitate the success of the client.

A wide range of people and vendors come together to make it all flow smoothly to assure the satisfaction of the client; which is what we stand for.  Dealing with dozens of different vendors can sometimes be overwhelming for a client; but not for Omilliair Enterprises LLC.  We effectively and proficiently deal with all the vendors for the clients.  We serve as the mediator and liaison effectively representing your needs and wants.  We answer to you and make things happen for you.

By handling business matters in this fashion, we create an ideal arrangement allowing for a greater element of cohesion and organization between all the respective vendors which as an artist you will need to rely upon.  In essence streamlining these services is mutually beneficial for everyone.  It is an excellent financial strategy which benefits the client.  

We understand the ins and outs of the business aspect of the industry and we are here to help you through it; step by step.  Omilliair Enterprises LLC will implement the necessary steps and measures to promote an artist’s career. We conceptualize and visualize the necessary measures to take our clients to the next level.  The journey is never an easy one but with Omilliair Enterprises LLC on your side as your liaison, working with you and for you; we will surely help make the journey one filled with success.

Our professionalism in dealing with the client is unsurpassed.  Our knowledgeable and diligent staff is the key factor that distinguishes us and sets us above the rest.  Our clients will receive assistance on press releases, purchasing musical compositions, marketing, promotions, and even the handling of delicate financial matters.  We promote endless campaigns for our clients to get them the necessary exposure they will need in this business.

Omilliair Enterprises LLC has a network of vendors they work very closely with.  Independent affiliates such as:


On behalf of Omilliair Enterprises LLC we look forward to having you as our client and working for you to help attain your dreams.  Let us be the driving force on your journey to success.