The nature of digital advertising is increasingly “confusing.” You need to join Facebook and Twitter post on them every day, redesign your website, use SMS messaging, do social bookmarking, write articles, post on your blog, etc. And while it is true that starting many of these things at the same time can give you a comprehensive strategy that can pack a big punch doing all these things without a clear marketing plan can lead to disaster. Investing in one digital marketing service like Social Media or SEO is kind of like buying one piece of the puzzle. It’s a start, but it’s not really going to get you anywhere interesting on its own. An integrated well thought out solution puts all the pieces together, creating a powerful online presence for your business.

Having a comprehensive strategy does not mean that one-size-fits-all. Each business is different, some businesses might work well with social media, others might work best with SMS messaging. It is important to start with a plan and to work the plan that is right for your business. There is a whole range of solutions that can fit your business goals and your budget.

By working with a provider that has been consulting with many businesses for over 10 years and has more than 15 years in the online marketing you get the best of both someone that has been in the trenches and some one who has broad industry knowledge. From designing websites to planning your online marketing to creating winning pay per click campaigns your business will grow when you start implementing your plan.

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