We are OMS Marketing Limited, Belfasts newest and most progressive promotional marketing and sales company. We offer our clients cost effective ways of advertising their brand and their products or services.

We give our clients maximum exposure possible by putting their products and services in direct reach of a targeted captive audience by conducting a range of promotional campaigns. We specialise in arranging and conducting promotional events for new brand launches and carry the brand name on through business to business and some residential campaigns depending on our clients needs and wants.

Our client porfolio continues to grow with businesses ranging from telecommunications and energy industries right through to the entertainment industry.
What makes OMS Marketing stand out from the rest is that not only do we give our clients maximum attention and strategically place them at the forefront of todays competive market, we also believe in the growth and expansion of our company and therefore we are always on the look out for new and fresh talent to join our company.

We at OMS Marketing conduct one of the best and most succesful business development programmes which allows new individuals to join our team, either with or without experience, our intensive and expert advice and insight allows any individual who has the right attitude, personality and work ethic to excel in promotional marketing and sales area.