OMTAC Ltd is an Online Marketing Training and Communications consultancy company providing relevant, practical, inexpensive training events (workshops and seminars), conferences and consultancy in key online Internet marketing techniques (such as Facebook, Google, Twitter and SEO) to Marketing & Sales Professionals, Business Development Managers, Senior Managers and Directors and Business Owners determined to grow their sales.

OMTAC works with a range of Industry sectors, from Retail to Recruitment & HR, Hospitality & Travel to Professional Services.  OMTAC specialises in providing Internet marketing and communications PR training, conferences and consultancy to Education institutions and organisations (School, College and University marketing) and Alumni Relations & Membership Services.

OMTAC has just launched a new series of 3 hour intensive training workshops on Facebook Advertising & Marketing, Twitter Marketing & PR, Google Advertising and/or Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) Marketing.  Those attending will not only be able to apply new knowledge quickly for the benefit of their business or organisation but also for their own personal development and understanding.

OMTAC Ltd is running training workshops across a number of key marketing, PR and communications areas:

* TWITTER: The media seem obsessed with Twitter, Tweeting and the 'Twittersphere' - but what is Twitter all about? How useful is it to a business?  http://www.omtac.com/go/twitter

* FACEBOOK: With over 200 million members any business ignoring the sales and marketing opportunities of Facebook is at best shortsighted.  How can a business advertise effectively on Facebook? http://www.omtac.com/go/facebook

* SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMISATION (SEO): What are the key techniques for improving a website's ranking in Google, Bing and other Search Engines? This SEO Workshop means success in the rankings 'game'. http://www.omtac.com/go/seo

* GOOGLE ADVERTISING & MARKETING MASTERCLASS: Google advertising works, helping businesses reach new audiences and increase traffic to their websites. Here’s how. http://www.omtac.com/go/google