"Onagon's software is a powerful online software application that makes easy work of the creation of financial projections and general business planning.  What makes the software so powerful is that it is designed so that anyone can use it to create a successful business plan without having to go through an extensive learning process.  The core of the software is built around the most important part of business planning, the financial projections.  Then all the other components for developing a complete business plan are built around it.  The plan assembly function allows planners to complete their entire plan in the software without having to use any other software.

The software has a walk-through process, which allows planners to focus on research and entry of the content, bringing them to a better understand of their business opportunity.   Everything other than the entry of content is automated.  The system will create a bank ready set of financial projections (provided that the opportunity has merit), a set of automated notes to the financials, the narrative portion of the plan complete with headings, and then when assembled it can include a cover and will automatically generate a table of contents to put the entire plan in a pdf ready for print.  Some of the other features and options are a collaborate and share facility, a personal financial statement generator, a price and costing module, and a powerful sensitivity analysis.  Different editions are available for different planner needs, a built-in advisor and information system has been developed and is in beta phase, and the software is continually being enhanced as part of the overall value proposition.

In addition to the powerful tools that enable the business planning process, Onagon has developed an enterprise management system for large firms, incubators and educational facilities.  The system allows an Enterprise Manager the ability to control and distribute multiple sub-accounts.  Sub-users can then access their own account to create new plans or to access other plans that have been shared by the Enterprise Manager.  This enables organizations to collaborate with many users either in-house or remotely in a read only or a full share capacity.  It can also be very useful for larger projects as plans can be amalgamated to create a roll-up for project that more than one person has been working on.  Ask about your 30 day evaluation trial!"