One Cleaner Team has recently declared that it has now 50k downloads on play store and from social media platform. The app was hosted one month ago and it has now numerous audiences across world.

This organic traffic came in after our billboard, awesome app features; customers love and give good rating and review. The aggressiveness of our growth and app features was the reason behind this enormous success.  Below are the few awesome features of the app: -

•     MOBILE BOOSTER: One Tap Boost helps speed up the phone by freeing up RAM. After boosting your mobile, No more auto-start application in the backend. Phone Master boosts processing speed, clean unnecessary apps that running in the background, and save battery.
•     JUNKS CLEANER: Clean cache, RAM, ads files, memory cache and clean other junk files to free up your storage space! Restore memory space and improve the performance of your device.
•     CPU COOLER: Cooling the CPU heat by detecting and close apps that are likely to cause temperature rise.
•     NOTIFICATION CLEANER: One Cleaner helps you to clean annoying and endless notifications just in one tap, no matter what they coming from which app installed on your phone. The super cleaner can also block junk notifications.
•     APP LOCKER: App Locker can lock up apps, photos, messages, and other private data with a password or pattern. You can easily protect your private information. Hide sensitive photos, videos, Contact number, SMS, and communication apps by encrypting it. Give your secret solid protection as your best defender.

Here’s the app URL