OGW Our technology contributes to the quality of your products

The OneGlassWine system is a set of patented processes and techniques to protect your wine from oxygen during as well as after the bottling process.
OneGlassWine requires no additives, no preservatives and no specific work with wine itself.  And it also guarantees the opening of optimal qualities of wine.
OneGlassWine is the only technology for individual consumption of wine, which uses ready-to-drink (RTD) glasses whilst combining functional design, transparency of the container and a prolonged storage of wine.

Do you know who invented the concept of single-serve wine glass?

It is a French company! OGW 1/4 Vin.

The idea was born in the late 90s out of frustration when two friends who also happened to be engineers were not able to easily enjoy a glass of wine outside the house or a restaurant.

However packaging wine in individual glasses while preserving its full quality for several months proved to be more challenging than first thought. The two young friends put their energy in the search for a solution.

And as they say in France “It is by forging that one becomes a blacksmith…”

It took more than 15 years of research and development and several prototypes tested in real-life situations to develop a complete process for bottling wine using elegant PET glasses while retaining all the original organoleptic qualities of the product.

Perhaps you have already seen some of the products packaged by our clients using our filling and packaging line: Italian Wine Cup, Copa di Vino, La Copita, Wine in a glass, Espresso Wine, Le Petit Raisin…

If you would like to know more about OGW technology, please do not hesitate to contact us

We will be delighted to share with you our passion and innovative culture as well as to provide you with a solution to increase your sales.

Today, six protect the concept of OGW RTD glass.  This innovative concept has no equivalent in the market today.  Our research and development department is dedicated to the constant improvement of this technology
When innovation is put at the service of quality.  We work for and with our customers in order to provide the corresponding solutions in terms of packaging of wine and spirits, specific adaptations on packaging, or the development of shapes and forms of containers linked to their requirements of volumes or design.


OneGlassWine was born out of the desire to bring new solutions to the packaging of wine, using the market niches where it did not exist.
Present in France from 2004, OGW technology continuously expanding with the first exports in 2009, opening a subsidiary on the west coast of the United States, as well as confirming its position in 2010 by its establishment in New Zealand.