Kuro performs the following mission-critical functions for you:
Customer Support:
Kuro supports your business using a friendly, dedicated, product-trained customer service team.  Your customers see a unified, seamless experience under your brand while their questions are answered and their orders are fulfilled by us.

We pick, pack, and ship your medical device products to get them where they need to be, when they need to be there.   Kuro handles instruments, implants, loaner sets, kits, marketing materials, demos -- you name it, Kuro gets it there!

Kuro safely stores and manages your products in our facility while giving you complete transparency on what is on the shelf.  Kuro can manage everything from WIP to Finished Goods while providing Quality Management System (QMS) and regulatory compliance.  You pay only for the shelf space your products need.

Instant Insight Reporting:
Kuro delivers the reports that provide the powerful data, analytics, and insights that your team needs to be agile and outpace your competition.  Our inventory, sales, commissions, dashboards, and other customized reports are available to your team at whatever frequency and schedule you need.

We help you get paid faster.  Kuro automatically generates and sends invoices immediately upon receipt of a charge sheet/PO to shorten the time for your customer receiving an invoice.  Kuro also syncs with your  accounting system, providing faster and effortless connections to your entire team.  

Inventory traceability:
Kuro tracks your inventory by part number, lot, serial number, expiration, and location.  Kuro gives you 100% traceability and visibility so you know where your product is and where it has been.

Instrument Set & Kit Management:
We build, manage and track your loaner, instrument, and kit sets to maximize inventory usage and turn-over and working as hard as you are.

Return Material Handling:
We handle, clean, sterilize and re-stock your return products from the field per QMS requirements to get your inventory ready for the next customer to maximize your inventory usage.

Case Scheduling & History:
Kuro provides built-in surgery schedule tracking to align your entire team on your customers’ inventory, delivery, and case coverage needs.