OneShare enables everyone to own individual shares of stock, perfect as personalized gifts or as a display of loyalty for a beloved brand. The current trading price plus a $39 transfer fee includes an official stock certificate issued by DreamWorks, Tiffany and Co., or nearly 150 other of America’s most popular publicly traded companies. Each unique certificate serves as a symbol of an individual’s investment in a company they care about. Additional purchasing options include custom framing, mattes, and engravings to make the gift truly meaningful.

As of November 2008, OneShare Investments also offers an opportunity for those wanting more robust investment options for college or IRA retirement savings plans. OneShare’s Parent Investment Specialists—financial advisors who are actual parents themselves—help set up a collective support fund, allowing friends and family to all contribute to solidifying a child’s educational future.

Lance Lee started OneShare in San Francisco in 1996. As a broker, he was often approached about buying stock, especially single shares, as a gift for children and other loved ones. Finding no existing model for this unique product, the company was founded as an affordable and more personal alternative to a traditional brokerage. With over 700,000 certificates shipped to date, OneShare continues to be the leader in individual gift shares across the world.

To help a child learn how a small investment grows over time or to commemorate a special graduation or anniversary, visit http://www.oneshare.com or call our offices at 888.777.6919. For more information about OneShare’s new investment division, visit http://www.oneshareinvestments.com