One Stop Bedwetting (https://onestopbedwetting.com/), an online store of bedwetting alarms, waterproof mattress pads and bed-wetting solutions has introduced an affordable and easy to use bedwetting solution. The newest bedwetting alarm is the Guardian bedwetting alarm (https://onestopbedwetting.com/bedwetting-alarms). Guardian alarm provides an effective treatment for bedwetting, a common condition that effects 1 in every 15 children and Millions of teens and adults.

The Guardian bedwetting alarm is the most comfortable alarm available in the store. It comes with a reversible cotton cloth bed mat for maximum convenience to suit the need of users of all ages and a microprocessor controlled alarm unit. The alarm is placed on the bedside, so users can enjoy a good night’s sleep.

Guardian alarms are available for both beds and wheelchairs to monitor incontinence in users.

In addition to Guardian, One Stop Bedwetting also carries several popular, doctor recommend alarms including Chummie, Shield, Smart, NewU and Zest. Together these alarms have helped tens of thousands of children, teens and adults stop nighttime bedwetting.

One Stop Bedwetting also announced that their brands are also now available at Walmart, Amazon, BuyBuy Baby and are working with several other retailers both within USA and internationally.

One Stop Bedwetting has worldwide headquarters in Santa Clara California. The company’s consumer products network includes a variety of wearable bedwetting alarms, bedside bedwetting alarms, Waterproof beddings. We are there to help someone stop bedwetting - age does not matter.