At One Word Ministries Inc., we believe ONE Word from GOD can change your life forever.

Born and raised in Pennsylvania, they're the parents of five boys, three girls and eight grandchildren. Martin and Kelly have been saved for over 20 years. God has a mandate for Martin & Kelly to speak forth the unadulterated Word of God in fulfilling purpose and destiny.

They have learned and continue to learn daily in not putting the limitations on how the Holy Spirit desires for them to operate at any given point. God have equipped and anointed both of them to speak prophetically into the lives of those whom desire to see life changing results

Martin & Kelly Turner are licensed ministers of the Gospel where they speak the unadulterated Truth of God's Word in boldness. They both have been in the ministry for over 20 years.

Their testimony that God have equipped them to share, have restored marriages and families everywhere. This dynamic union God has ordained have been through, that's why they're able to give out in the capacity that they do.

God have anointed Martin and Kelly prophetically to speak the Word with authority and boldness and in doing, being transparent.