As a newgen social media platform, we empower users by incentivizing their posts. Posting about a new restaurant? A fabulous hotel? Or a lovely park in your hometown or abroad? Let the rest of ONLIFErs know and get rewards for your content. Newgen social media is bringing back the power, and reward, to YOU.

On reviews, ONLIFE harnesses the power of blockchain and the principles of digital democracy to ensure reliable reviews, positive or negative. ONLIFErs post, and fellow ONLIFErs, together with a group of in-house auditors, verify the review. No syndicated reviews; just honest insights about a service.

Linking up a new establishment to the network? Make your next mukbang or travel more fun by being an ONLIFE discoverer. What do you get? Bragging rights, and 3-5% of all transactions that was a result of your discovery.

ONLIFE hosts the ONLIFE Coin (ONLC), which can be used to make purchases or pay for services to all establishments within the ONLIFE network. Top up and use it for your next getaway, or your next staycation. In short, you can use it everywhere!