Eshwar Bhakti (http://pujayagna.com/) is a results-oriented online puja ritual service provider that specializes in individual and personalized poojas and homas. With over three generations of experience in organizing pujas, Eshwar Bhakti launched its online portal in 2009 and has won over clients from across the globe with its authentic vedic pujas, homas, and yagnas.

"Eshwar" means God, "Bhakti" means Devotion. Eshwar Bhakti is formed to enrich the world with authentic vedic pujas, homas and yagnas. They specialise in individual and personalised poojas & homam. They have conducted more than 2,000 personalised yagnas ranging from Rudram Chamakam to Ati Rudra to Sahasra Chandi to Kaal Bhairava Homa. They have been organizing pujas from the last two generations and brought it to the internet space in the year 2009. Their specialization in result-oriented pujas attracted hundreds of testimonials from people across the world. The founder of Eshwar Bhakti has strong connections with the MahaMandaleshwar, Shankarcharyas, Mathadeeshas, Acharyas, Shastris and Karmakandi priests across India.