Online Marketing (OM) Solutions is an independent internet advertising company based out of Indianapolis, IN. Our internet advertising agency will help plan the right marketing strategy for your companies unique needs. For the past four years we have been helping clients establish and implement internet advertising campaigns. Whether you wish to build, replace, or revamp a website or want to learn more about how to increase your revenue through search engines, Online Marketing Solutions has experience and know how to help satisfy all your internet advertising needs. Contact us today if you have any questions or would like to set up an appointment to learn more about internet advertising through out the Indianapolis, Indiana metropolitan area.

Search Engine Marketing

Online Marketing Solutions, LLC is committed to meeting our clients goals and objectives throughout the Indianapolis, Indiana area. Our search engine marketing services are uniquely customized to facilitate a profitable online marketing program. There are several factors that will influence the investment and time required to market your site in the search engines. These factors include your competition, how much marketing you have already done for your site, your website’s content and theme, your business objectives, and of course, your search engine marketing budget. For a customized quote on Internet marketing services for your website, request a free proposal.

Keyword Research

A very important part of the search engine marketing services we provide is to help identify the best possible keywords to target with your online marketing campaigns. Intelligent keyword choice is essential for reaching the right audience. We will take your existing keyword list and expand the list to include many more keywords and phrases that are relevant to your business. We will then recommend keywords to target based on keyword search frequency and relevance to your website.

Search-Friendly Web Design

Too often web designers build websites that look pretty, but don’t get results. With our web design services, we focus on a website that works–for your customers and the search engines.

Local Search Engine Optimization

Our local search optimization services help businesses be found by people searching for local businesses. The amount of people searching for local services continues to increase, so the opportunity to get more business from local search is also growing.