Spandango has launched its Online Medical Spanish Course

Today, Spandango announced that they have launched their online Medical Spanish course.  With Hispanics in the U.S. at 17% of the population and growing, the need for health professionals that can speak with their patients in Spanish is tremendous.  How will we meet the needs of many of these patients who only speak Spanish?  

“As an emergency room doctor with 10 years of experience in Texas, I’ve found that waiting for a translator wastes valuable time and is detrimental to doctor-patient rapport.”      
~ Doug Miesen, MD, founder of Spandango Inc.

How does a busy healthcare professional learn to speak medical Spanish without having to take a month off to attend a course in Central America?  That’s where Spandango comes in.  Spandango delivers 1-on-1 live classes via video chat scheduled at the student’s convenience.  Students never have to leave their homes for classes because they are all online.  

Why do healthcare professionals need to take a medical Spanish course and not just a regular Spanish course?  Without proper medical Spanish training, one might ask his/her patients if they’re “constipado”, when he/she means mean to say “enstreñido”.  The first term refers to nasal congestion and not constipation as you might guess.  “Enstreñido” is the right term for constipated.    

The traditional way to learn medical Spanish is by reading flashcards and practicing common phrases from texts.  This can be done for free through many sites on the internet but it won’t lead to fluency at the bedside.  With the Spandango Medical Spanish course, students will practice patient scenarios with their instructors in a live interactive format designed to get them speaking medical Spanish immediately.  With this course, students will learn more than just anatomy and phrases.  Here is an example of feedback from one of our current students:

“I have tried Rosetta Stone and you can’t learn Spanish that way.  After one month with Spandango I was already thinking in Spanish for the first time ever!”
~ Becky S.

In addition to the practical exercises online, Spandango students build their vocabulary with audio flashcards from Quizlet.com.  Visit us at www.spandango.net to learn more.

About Spandango:
Spandango is a complete Spanish language solution that is delivered in the most convenient, efficient, and effective way possible.  We provide live, 1-on-1, online Spanish classes through a video chat interface.  We employ certified, native speaking Spanish teachers with year of experience who are then given extensive training in the Spandango system.