Meridian Group International (MGI) is a highly regarded organization specializing in:  IT infrastructure, security and compliance, cloud/hosting, mobility, unified communications, social business, and equipment lease financing.

The power of MGI resides in our wide portfolio of business offerings and world class teams of consultants, engineers, and technical experts. MGI solutions better align with business objectives and empower customers to achieve ongoing success. Our over three decades of financial stability and profitability prove that we are in fact, on to something.  

We invite you take advantage of any—or all—of our expertise available through the knowledge, equipment and core strengths of each of our companies: Meridian Leasing, Meridian IT Limited, MAC Source, Meridian IT, Concat, Tardis, and Meridian IT Singapore. We have offices in the United States, United Kingdom, Germany, Australia, and Singapore.

The companies of MGI have the collective power to impact business performance.  Learn more at: www.onlinemeridian.com