Our purpose is to enable companies and professionals to reach the Next Level.

It’s no accident…when the type of customers you want are contacting you ready to do business, you’ve become a leader in your industry. To get to this level and maintain it requires a strategy designed to make you THE opinion leader in your industry or YOUR company the “go to” organization - the one people think of when they get the idea they need your service, product or expertise. Think Microsoft, Xerox, Nordstrom’s.

It’s true for entrepreneurs, experts and professionals alike: you’ll attract the type of customer you want by employing simple, systematic, proven steps online and offline.

In today’s economy, it’s simply not enough to be secure in the knowledge that your expertise, services or products are superior. Prospective and existing customers need to be educated about you and have no doubt that you’re the right choice for them.

That takes a PR strategy that factors in all the marketing and PR tools you’ll need to get to where you want to go. Publishing, online marketing and PR, media relations and direct mail … we’ve put together a team of staff, advisers and affiliate companies to get the entire job done.

Your Next Level is reached with a public relations campaign strategy deployed online and offline.

For a company, the next level may be busting through the invisible revenue ceiling and expanding; redesigning your customer profile to focus on the most profitable types; or starting out with a PR plan that will propel your company to the top in the shortest time possible.

All of these outcomes are possible with public relations techniques strategically deployed online and offline.

OOPR joins you at whatever stage your business or professional growth is currently at.  We help you identify where you want to go and then present appropriate and affordable layers of marketing and PR which support that goal.

Prior to founding OOPR, our CEO executed well over 500 media campaigns for non-fiction authors, experts, musical artists, non-profits, and corporations. Their industires spanned health care, science, nutrition, finance, politics, music and others.

Since the founding of OOPR in 2007, she has put together a complete team of professionals to execute all phases of your PR campaign. Our sister publishing company, Foghorn Communications, was established to publish the non-fiction works of our clients. This includes books, e-books and white papers.

Our team of online marketers includes staff and advisors for every discipline required to build a successful online presence. This includes programmers, designers, content writers and our SEO and Adwords advisors.

We work with our affiliated offline publicity firm, which has been procuring media placements for clients for 20 years. This firm was co-founded by OOPR's CEO in 1990, who left the firm in 2003. She spent the next few years pursuing continuing education in direct marketing, website development and marketing and advanced copywriting.


Our efforts and talents are directed toward one objective: Your Success. One benefit of building a talent pool of staff and alliances who can execute any phase of your campaign is that we aren't biased toward any one set of services. Your campaigns are designed to utilize the tools that are right for YOU.

A sample of the services we might recommend include:  

Publishing your book and executing a publicity campaign;
Establishing or expanding your online presence to not only attract traffic, but assure media and prospects of your leadership position;
Creating your ebook and getting it to "go viral," thus making you a thought leader;
Designing a PR & Marketing friendly website with authentic content that sets you apart;
Structuring an effective direct mail campaign that keeps your existing customer base growing;
Creating video for your website that conveys to visitors the essence of who you are;
Creating a "Shock & Awe" package to send to prospects;
Tweaking your organization so your customer experience is congruent with your PR;
Getting you coverage on talk radio, television and publications.
Booking you lectures at approriate venues.