When it comes to emergency situations, people often need a little help to recover from the bills and costs. An unexpected trip to the emergency room can easily set a person back as much as a $1,000. After the emergency passes, people can be stuck between paychecks without an easy way to pay. A payday lender can step in and help people cover their cash emergency.

Among the many payday loan options, instant online payday loans have been increasing in popularity. The loan industry has rapidly increased their online offerings to match the demand. In addition to all of the advantages of normal payday loans, instant online payday loans have:

   * Automated payback options
   * Direct deposit
   * Privacy

With all of the stress following an emergency, it can be difficult to remember to pay a loan back on time. Online lenders can arrange an automated payback out of a borrower’s bank account. This allows borrowers to focus their attention on other needs rather than focusing their attention on the repaying the loan. Automated payback also prevents a borrower from ringing up a costly late fee.

All of these advantages come along with normal payday loans’ stress-free procedures. Payday loans never require embarrassing background or credit checks. Such checks can disqualify people from traditional bank loans. An extension is available if borrowers cannot repay their loan on time. Simply speak with customer service and work out a new repayment plan.

Asking a friend or relative for money can be embarrassing or even shameful. Money can stress relationships, especially if the borrower is unable to repay on time. Online payday loans can be completed in the privacy of a borrower’s home. No one will ever know that they needed money. A payday lender can easily arrange an extension. Compared to asking family or friends, payday lenders are much more private. Online lenders have created privacy policies and secure websites to keep personal information completely safe.

As of 2009, a federal government study showed that roughly 25% of Americans had consulted a payday lender or similar service in the past year. The convenience of online loans is making payday lending available to even more Americans who face emergencies. Most people will know a family member or friend who has used a payday lender.

Some short restrictions may apply to prospective borrowers. Common borrower requirements can include:

   * Age 18 or older
   * Holding a job for at least 3 months
   * Steady income

These restrictions can protect a borrower from taking on a loan that’s too large. After a short form to fill out, an online loan can be approved within minutes. The money will be deposited into the borrower’s bank account shortly thereafter. A borrower doesn’t have to travel anywhere and can apply for a loan at any time of the day.

After an emergency, instant online payday loans are among the fastest ways to recover. A short-term loan keeps people from bouncing a check, overdrawing their bank account, or even not being able to pay at all. The convenience and speed makes online payday loans the right option for busy people who need cash immediately.